The Healing Code – Highly Recommended

I finished reading The Healing Code in less than a week, and then I went through some key parts over and over again in a short space of time…  It tells a lot about the attraction it has for me.   Yes, I find the book amazing!    It addresses so well the underlying issues of most of our health problems, and offers ways to effectively reverse that situation, with logical, clinical and scientific research back-up.

I think most people know that STRESS causes over 95% (if not all) of illness/disease.    The book expounds clearly and in great details how STRESS actually turns off our healing and immune system thus inhibiting normal cell growth, repair and maintenance.   It also goes deeper to explore the causes of stress, and explain that out of self-protection, our destructive cellular memories/images (mostly being subconscious and unconscious and stored as energy inside our body) will kick in the fight/flight response even when there is nothing to be afraid of.    In the long run, this results in damage and disease.   “The type of disease or diagnosis that manifests is determined by which link in the chain breaks…..”

The authors term our subconscious and unconscious mind as our HEART, and conclude that “To heal your problems you have to heal the stress, to heal the stress you have to heal your memories – the HEART …”

Now you must be very curious about how to go about it.     The Healing Code “applies quantum mechanics to healing”.    It heals by changing the destructive energy pattern/frequency of destructive cell memories into a healthy one, by directing healthy energy at “ four healing centres “ of the body.

Talking about healthy energy, the authors stress that  “…what heals the issues of the heart is replacing lies with the truth…”.   Here the authors devoted great efforts to shed light on the huge topics of  “lies”, “wrong beliefs”, “truth” etc.   The discussion is highly relevant, thought provoking and is in fact central to the whole matter of healing.   I recommend you to go through the whole book yourself to find out what this amazing healing energy and the “four healing centres” really are.

For those who are unfamiliar with energy healing or have doubt about its spiritual underpinnings, the authors, Dr Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson, have written a document to explain their position and philosophy.    Both authors are followers of Jesus.  They give sound Biblical viewpoints of “energy matter” and energy healing, and I have to say the document helps dispel a lot of my doubts.    You can find this document on

“God built the possibility of miraculous healing into us at creation as part of his original intention for the world, and it is still available to us today.  The mechanism for healing has always been in us.”

This is so true…